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About Dr. Vivek Sharma
Welcome to Dr. Vivek Sharma's site, inspired by Dr. Vivek Sharma's belief that "Awareness is comfort and that accurate and accessible awareness and knowledge is one of the best tools for ensuring your and your family's comfort.
The Paediatrician responsible for the website, with years of front line experience Dr. Vivek has earned a reputation as a down to earth communicator who encourages parents to become active and informed participants in the case of their children's health and well being.

Dr. Vivek is revolutionizing health communications by bridging the gap between media and health professionals. He believes that the future of health care is in communicating health information in a variety of media formats thereby making it accessible to the largest audience possible.

Dr. Vivek studied in Rajasthan University. He did his MBBS in 1990 and Post Graduate Diploma in 1993 from SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He worked in PBM Hospital, Bikaner and did residency in Bombay Hospital, Bombay.
Presently he is Consultant Paediatrician in Rungta Hospital, Jaipur and runs his own clinic Penguin Paediatric Care, Jaipur.

Dr. Vivek Sharma has appeared on many media and T.V. Programmes often taking live questions from the audience. His articles, news and views about learning disability have been regularly published in different daily news papers and magazines.

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